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Verizon iPhone: Event to be held January 11 WILL announce it

Verizon iPhone: Event to be held January 11 WILL announce it

We’ve been bringing you news and speculation about a Verizon iPhone for almost as long as we can remember now and know how many of our readers are looking forward to the release of this Apple device. Today has been particularly busy with rumors of its imminent release and we’ve already posted articles earlier today firstly about rumors of a February 3 release date and then only a while ago about a Verizon Wireless invitation event to be held next week.

This announcement had caused rather a frenzy as most people in the tech world seem to feel pretty sure that this time it must be about a Verizon iPhone coming at last. Our article was sourced from The Wall Street Journal who at the time said it was assumed the event would be about the iPhone coming to the Big Red. Now though the WSJ has gone one further as an article by Shayndi Raice and Yukari Iwatani Kane now confirms that the event IS to reveal the Verizon iPhone.

This assertion appears to come from a source ‘familiar with the matter’ but the WSJ seems convinced. It also reports that Verizon Communications president and chief operating officer, Lowell McAdam will be headlining the occasion. So far there has been no official word from Apple. Nilay Patel over on Engadget also comments about the WSJ article and points out that once again Apple has managed to make a splash during CES without even being there!

We’re really interested to know what you think about the announcement to be made next Tuesday. One thing for sure is that an awful lot of people would be disappointed if this turns out not to be about the iPhone. Why not send us your comments to let us know, especially if you are one of the hordes that will be getting one.

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