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Samsung Series 9 vs Macbook Air: Can it compete?

January 7, 2022 | Debbie Turner

One of the hottest items out of CES 2011 to date has been the arrival of the Samsung Series 9 notebook which is receiving some extremely favourable reports and is seen by many as being a contender to Apple’s Macbook Air.

We wanted to find out more about whether it could compete and Cisco Cheng over on PC Mag has had a hands-on look at the Series 9 and describes it as “eerily similar” to the Macbook Air 13-inch. The first thing noted was the actual hardware and how solid it appeared, certainly not a cheap imitation, with a Duraluminum material which surrounds the frame. Although not quite as thin as a Macbook this is not seen as a drawback as the Series 9 is still very slim.

The screen resolution of the Samsung Series 9 does not rate as high as that on the Macbook Air but it is in fact brighter. Also the keyboard and touchpad are not deemed to be as well-built as those on the Air. Ports and slots on the Series 9 are noted to be like those on the original Macbook Air. Taking a look at the performance though throws up a few differences. The Series 9 has the Intel next generation Core i5 processor whereas the Air runs the Intel Core 2 Duo which is much older, giving the Series 9 the edge.

Batteries on both the Air and the Series 9 are sealed in and graphics are said to be comparable. Price wise you might imagine that the Series 9 would aim to be much cheaper than the Macbook Air but it will be priced at $1,699 with a release date in March. If you want to see a video of the Series 9 then check out an article over on Engadget by Joanna Stern where you can see her hands-on preview.

What are your thoughts on the Samsung Series 9 and are you tempted to make this your new notebook? Do you think it can really compete with the Macbook Air? Why not send us your comments to let us know what you think.

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  1. BOO says:

    You make the Samsung 9 sound like it's nothing. You should have compared the specs in more detail…. then you'll have Samsung supporters left and right.

    • bobby says:

      i agree specs are far more advance than of macbook air… even if i have a macbook air i'd say if both units are available at the time of my purchase i'd go for series 9

  2. archiepen says:

    with its duralumin case, i think series 9 is more durable than macbook air.
    i'll go for series 9.

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