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Samsung 9 Series: Release date, price and specs

January 7, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Samsung 9 Series: Release date, price and specs

The Samsung 9 Series laptop has just been unveiled at CES 2011 and it’s getting rave reviews so far. Earlier today we posted an article about the 9 Series vs Macbook Air and looked at some of the features, asking if the 9 Series could hope to compete against the Air.

Now we have more news for you, this time about the price and release date, along with more specifications for the device. Sean Portnoy over on ZDNet has details of the release date being in February, although in our previous article the source said March. The price is also different in the ZDNet story as it’s listed as $1599 rather than $1699 although a look around the web at other prices listed reveals it’s more likely to be the $1599 price.

This notebook has a 13.3-inch LED-backlit display with extremely high brightness (400 nits) and sensors to adjust the lighting to your environment. There’s a Sandy Bridge Intel Core i5-2537M processor and the base model has 4GB RAM and a 128 solid-state drive. However there will also be versions with an i7 processor and 8GB RAM with a 256GB solid-state drive. You can expect to get over 6 hours of battery life per charge.

A hands-on review of the 9 Series by Mark Spoonauer can be seen over on calling it a “head-turning design” with “serious power” and you can also check out a variety of photographs there. What are your thoughts on the 9 Series and are you surprised it’s not a more competitive price? Let us know with your comments please.

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