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PSP Go Hack: Playing ISO’s Using Homebrew Prometheus

January 7, 2022 | Tim Ollason

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Whilst there’s the carnage of CES 2011 storming the web we have been hearing reports of the PlayStation phone being readied for an April release. Now we are hearing various reports of the PSP Go being hacked. This isn’t good news for Sony following the PS3 being hacked last week, you can read more on it over at PR News where Alan Ng has written an article.

As any keen gamer will know, ‘Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep’ is a UMD only game, this means that for anybody upgrading their PSP from the original style to the PSP Go, you wouldn’t be able to play the game. The PSP Go doesn’t have the support of physical UMD discs, it‘s a download only device. Have a look at the bottom of our article to see a PSP Go running the popular release by ISO.

In the title of the article, we mentioned ‘Prometheus’, this is in fact a custom ISO loader developed by Liquidzigong you can read more about it over at, the loader can also run alongside TN Hen as shown in the second video at the end of the article.

There are some interesting views that have been written by Andrew Webster on, he mentions that many developers are put off releasing titles on the PSP for fear that they will be subject to piracy. Of course, the gaming world takes piracy very seriously.

Once you have had a look at the video, let us know what your thoughts are on the PSP Go running a custom loader in the comments section below.

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