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iPad 2 Mockup At CES Reveals More?

January 7, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

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iPad 2 Mockup At CES Reveals More?

There has been a lot of news surrounding Apple’s next generation iPad, with sneak shots and rumors over shipping dates; the iPad 2 is never far from our sight.

CES has seen a large number of tablets, phones, TV’s and more showcased for this year, and although Apple wasn’t present, Engadget spotted a mock-up tablet from an unknown accessory manufacturer, displaying features previously seen. This device sported the mesh grille section that we have seen before but also carried a hard casing much like the current iPad, rather than a suspected plastic shroud, which has been rumored. Obviously this was just a prototype so there is every possibility that aspects could be open to change, but it’s certainly good to see a more together item floating around.

Mac Rumors commented on the markings seen on the device’s casing. Labelled as “iPad 2,” and displaying the same A1337 product code found on the existing iPad’s WiFi and 3G models. It also shows 128GB which is a massive improvement, giving the next gen huge in-board storage capabilities.

But let’s not get too carried away with ourselves, after all this was just a mock-up from an outsider so can we really take it that seriously? Tell us what you think.

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