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YouTube’s Man with the Golden Voice flooded with job offers

YouTube’s Man with the Golden Voice flooded with job offers

Yesterday we told you the heartwarming story of the homeless man with the golden voice who became a viral hit on YouTube when a video of him became an internet sensation. The man, Ted Williams, had been advertising his gifted voice with a cardboard sign by the sign of the road and we told how we thought it would not be long before job offers started to flood in.

After a massive amount of media attention those job offers have indeed been flowing and Melissa Rohlin on the LA Times reports of Williams now having a choice of work, including an offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers who have offered him living expenses and a two-year contract to work for them and another offer from NFL films. Williams told the Today program, “I don’t know which one to choose, which one is the right one.”

He may find the choice even more difficult as it’s also been reported by Carole Erskine on Sky News that WBNS-TV want to offer Williams work during a telethon at the end of January called, “One Day to End Homelessness” according to The Columbus Dispatch. The report also says that the Ohio Credit Union League has offered $10,000 for voiceover work.

Meanwhile Lorraine Yue over on Chicago Business tells how Kraft has also offered a job to Williams for work on 4 TV ads, the first of which will be shown on Sunday night on ESPN. The YouTube video has now been seen 4 million times and this story is an amazing example of the power of the Internet. What do you think is next for Ted Williams? We’d appreciate your comments on this so feel free to send them in.

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  1. Denise says:

    God is awesome! This is proof that God is still in the miracle business. I hope he keeps God in his heart and seek Him first before he make any move on the many job offers. This bring tears to my eyes…

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