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Windows 7 CES 2011 Update: Verizon & Sprint Joining

January 6, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

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Windows 7 CES 2011 Update: Verizon & Sprint Joining

Microsoft joined the mobile phone market back in October with the release of their Windows 7 OS. Carriers and devices were announced including that of HTC, Samsung, Dell and LG being run on platforms such as T-Mobile, 02, Orange, Telstra and so on. Over at one of the largest events this year the CES, Steve Ballmer, CEO for Microsoft has given us his keynote speech along with what we will see.

Although the company’s gaming Kinect and Windows 7 has proved to be a big hit, it was the content from the CEO’s speech that was really anticipated. In relation to the latter, Steve Ballmer said that Windows 7 was proving successful and commented, “The reaction to the product has been great. We launched 9 phones across…30 countries.” As Mashable reported, he went on to say how much customers had been satisfied with their handsets and said, “When people see the phone they fall in love with it… Nine out of ten customers say they’d recommend the phone.”

On Windows 7 arrival tail end of last year, a few had suggested that in comparison to other smartphones, there wasn’t enough apps but judging by Ballmer’s speech there seems to be over 100 new apps accessible every 24 hours and he commented by saying, “More than 20,000 developers are keeping the pipeline full.”

After digesting this, an announcement was made in relation to forthcoming updates including that of copy/paste and performance functionality, and the biggie came when Ballmer gave us news that Verizon and Sprint carriers will be running on Windows 7 phones in the very near future, at this stage, no official dates given.

What do you make of the latest news? Will any of this benefit you in any way, shape or form? Let us know.

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  1. G-Man says:

    I have been waiting for Win7 mobile on Sprint, I refuse to purchase on ATTs crappy network.

  2. Too Live says:

    Waiting for Win7 on Verizon. If Sprint gets it first I'll switch. No way I'm switching to AT&T or T-Mobile. Though a co-worker on AT&T switched from iPhone to Win7 and said he now gets fewer dropped calls.

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