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Twitter goes mad for CES 2011

Twitter goes mad for CES 2011

CES 2011 is big news right now and we’ve been bringing you dozens of posts about the events and earlier today brought you a roundup of what’s happened so far. It’s not just us that’s excited about the goings-on in Las Vegas though as it seems that Twitter has been awash with people twittering about the big show.

Emily Banks over on Mashable tells us that tech talk online has seen an increase with the Consumer Electronics Show and gives us some interesting statistics. CES has drawn positive sentiment online from 43% while only 14% of the response was negative, meaning 43% were also neutral. Fabric Media has come up with the data analyzed from 20 CES-related terms.

Twitter has received mentions about CES as much as 5,267 times an hour and there were 110,000 tweets mentioning CES just yesterday. It should be no surprise to know that apart from CES, the big tech names such as Apple, Android and Microsoft are also being mentioned more. Overall a staggering 120,000 articles online have been produced from CES according to Topsy, and we’ve only just begun!

For more details and infographic charts on Twitter posts about CES check out the full article on If you want to know much more about what CES 2011 is all about then head over to the CES official website here. Are you surprised at how popular CES is on Twitter? We’d like to hear your thoughts so please do send us your comments.

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