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Sony iPhone Dock: HomeShare - WiFi Speakers Around Your Home

January 6, 2022 | Tim Ollason

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Sony iPhone Dock: HomeShare – WiFi Speakers Around Your Home

Sony has been pretty busy in recent times especially with their TVs and smartphones, they have also showcased a prototype of a different kind of 3D viewing, and you can see that here. Now Sony is bringing something different to CES 2011. It’s called HomeShare.

Going back a few years to 2008, Sony first talked about HomeShare and we think they priced it way too highly, which is why it never really took off. These docks might now though. The new HomeShare products will include a couple of different docks and speakers, the dock models are NAS-SV20i and NAC-SV10i and the speakers are SA-N300 and SA-N400. To accompany them, Sony will also add the WiFi universal remote, the model being - RMN-U1.

There are multiple ways of controlling the system, you can use the new WiFi remote, you can use your PC or you can use an app on your iPhone or iPod touch. The speakers can playback different music or alternatively, you can sync them all to one source of media.

The availability and prices of the speakers will look like this; the SA-N300 will be available in March and will cost $200. The SA-N400 will also be available in March, but will set you back $300. As for the docks, the NAS-SV20i will be available in March for $300 and the NAC-SV10i will be available at the same time, but for $230. If you are looking to pick up the remote as well, then the RMN-U1 will set you back a further $300.

We at OSM think it’s somewhat ironic, that with Sony who have their own range of smartphone aren’t aiming this at them. You can read more about the speaker system over at, where Ben Bowers has written an article by clicking here, you can also read the full press release there too.

What do you think of the system? Is this something you could make use of? Let us know in the comments below.

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