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Panasonic Viera Tablet: Android Cloud-based Services

Panasonic Viera Tablet: Android Cloud-based Services

We are hearing reports of a new tablet from Panasonic; so far it has been dubbed as the Panasonic Viera Tablet due to their intentions for it to work specifically with the Panasonic Viera series of TVs.

The device was showcased at the CES 2011 event in Las Vegas. The entire design of their tablet PC is geared around using their cloud services rather than being a knockoff Apple iPad. Suzanne Choney over at the TechnoLog says that this is the first step towards cloud based services; these include video streaming as well as eBooks, but it doesn’t stop there, you can also do online shopping and even use social networking sites.

The Panasonic Viera Tablet will come in a variety of sizes ranging from 4” all the way up to 10”. Nick Farrell of TheInquirer, says that the device is being marketed in a specific way; it’s being called a tablet-type terminal to be used in close proximity of their HDTVs like a remote control. The difference is, that remote control will be able to use the television’s apps.

The Viera tablet PC is said to be running and Android OS, although we are unsure of what version. Rather bizarrely, the device will only be shipping in Japan where it was launched today and not to Europe or the U.S, not until next year at least.

We at OSM are mostly interested in the cloud-based services and are wondering how much longer it will take the rest of the tablet world to catch on. There’s always been talk of Apple having a cloud system but, things just haven’t materialized as yet.

Do you have any thoughts on the Panasonic Viera Tablet PC and it‘s cloud system? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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