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Official Apple Mac App Store Now Live - Download & Guidelines

Official Apple Mac App Store Now Live – Download & Guidelines

With all the hype around CES 2011, we hope you haven’t forgotten another important event which has occurred today. The Apple Mac App Store has been officially released! The store is now live and accessible, you can view it here. Remember that you will need to update your Mac software to the new OS X Snow Leopard for the app store to be available to you.

As we know, the app store for the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad has revolutionized the way we think a smartphones and tablet PCs should be. What Apple are going to do now, is change the way we think about our MacBooks and iMac computers by deploying the same successful model that has already been seen in other Apple products. This is a great, well thought out move on Apple’s part; although we are a little surprised it didn’t come sooner.

If you are thinking of adding an app to the Mac store, Apple has published their app guidelines by PDF document which you can view here. The guidelines tell you what will make an app be accepted onto the store, the rules and regulations set by Apple for the Mac App Store are pretty similar to that of the iPhone App Store. The guidelines are all about helping developers to reach the customers using Macs.’s Nilay Patel has summed up the guidelines and added some humorous comments about each one so be sure to have a read.

The App Store will work just like the application for the iPhone and iPod touch and iPad. Once it is installed you can browse through other apps on the store, when you find one you like, buy it or if it’s free, download it using your iTunes password. Within a few minutes, ‘hey presto’ you will have your new app to make use of. If you would like to read the official Apple press release then click here.

Are you pleased that you can now have apps on your Mac and MacBooks? Let us know how you get on with it in the comments below.

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