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Facebook Funding Rounds: Growth Down To Investment In Jobs & More

January 6, 2022 | Jake Marshall

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Facebook Funding Rounds: Growth Down To Investment In Jobs & More

As you have no doubt heard, Facebook has recently received a whopping $500 million in funding, $450 million from Goldman Sachs, and a further $50 million from previous funder Digital Sky Technologies. This now means Facebook has a mind-blowing $50 billion estimated value.

Of course, the thoughts of many now turn to the question of what will Facebook do with its new pile of cash, and what does the future hold for Facebook and it’s rivals? Well we know that Facebook is looking at purchasing the Sun Microsystems campus located in Menlo Park, in California.

This purchase would give the social networking phenomenon room to grow, for a time at least, as hiring more staff is surely a big priority, for Facebook only has a workforce of between 1,500 and 2,000, a tiny number of employees for a company with a $50 billion estimated value.

An iPad app would be a good thing for sure (not the made-for-iPhone app), as many of the tablet PC users are hungry for just such an official app. Another thing that seems likely is expansion into other markets; as such a large company surely needs several routes of business. For Mashable’s thoughts on this subject, check out

It seems unlikely that Facebook will follow the road of rivals such as MySpace, which despite the recent revamp, is still seeing falling numbers of users. What do you think Facebook should do with the money? Would you like a job with Facebook? Tell us in the comments below.

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