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YouTube Viral Video: Homeless Man With The Golden Voice

January 5, 2022 | Matt Tran

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YouTube Viral Video: Homeless Man With The Golden Voice

Another viral video has swept Google owned site YouTube, with the story hitting just about every news station over the globe. If you have not heard of “the man with the golden voice” then allow us to enlighten you.

A homeless man in Columbus Ohio, has been using his “God-given gift of voice” to beg for money, and since has become an internet sensation with the video of him amassing over 4 million viewings in under 3 days. Ted Williams AKA “the man with the golden voice”, was found on the side of a busy road holding up a cardboard sign claiming he had a gifted voice, which prompted passers by to stop and see if Mr Williams had what he claimed.

Surprisingly the beggar did have a very distinctive radio voice and was very entertaining to listen to as he tried to rake in any cash he could. NBC4 has reported that Williams was standing on the Hudson street exit off Interstate 71 which could become a spot where his future may have just been made. Williams admitted he did intend to work in radio from a young age but got involved in alcohol and drugs which unfortunately put him in his present situation, although he was 2 years clean and trying to rebuild his life.

The mass of media attention that has happened over the last few days have given Williams a very good chance of landing a job as he does have a very talented radio voice, and he made a plea in the viral video that he would be open to a job as a voice over if the opportunity arose. Sky News has reported that some people in the industry have already taken to Williams, as Tony Florentino from the radio station WNCI has said “I think he really has no idea how big this is going to be.”

The beauty of the internet is that it can turn people’s lives around in the most absurd ways with his case being a prime example. We have discovered the likes of Justin Bieber on YouTube and with a little bit of luck, “the man with the golden voice” will not be standing on the roadside for much longer. We have embedded the viral video for you below if you are yet to see it. Leave us your thoughts on this story and tell us if you think that Ted Williams will become a success.

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