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Toshiba: Glasses-free 3D HDTVs- Shipping Between 2011 and 2012

January 5, 2022 | Tim Ollason

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Toshiba: Glasses-free 3D HDTVs- Shipping Between 2011 and 2012

We have some news to report regarding Toshiba and their new 3D HDTVs. Toshiba have been able to retail glasses-free HDTVs prior to the end of 2010. The size of the screens weren’t anything to write home about, they were at 12” and 20” versions being sold only in Japan.

We are hearing reports that executives of the company that they will be showcasing the 56” and 65” prototypes at the CES 2011 event in Las Vegas. Whilst these devices aren’t the finished article, they will give a fair indication of developments within Toshiba on making a glasses free 3D HDTV.

According to Reuters, Toshiba will be shipping the device further than just their homeland Japan; it will be heading to America, across Europe and across China. Still, there are no details of pricing or specs for the new products, but we are all hoping for at least 2 models this year, perhaps over 40”.

Part of the problem with current 3D TVs is the viewing angle, they seem to work fine from the front, however when you look from an angle, the image seemingly reverts back to a 2D style. Toshiba are aiming to resolve this is problem and at the same time, stop you having to wear the goofy glasses. Head over to Engadget and read Darren Murph’s article by clicking here. You can also read what Reuters’ Isabel Reynolds had to say about the TVs by clicking here.

Do you think Toshiba can deliver before the end of the year? Let us know in the comments below.

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