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Laptop Vs Tablet PC: In 2015 Which Will Be The Most Popular?

January 5, 2022 | Tim Ollason


Laptop Vs Tablet PC: In 2015 Which Will Be The Most Popular?

Is CES 2011 a taster of things to come? When you look at the list of products that will be showcased at the big event, there are a lot of tablet PCs. Of course there are a lot of other devices as well, but with the technological advancements that have been made over 2010, to include multiple cores in a mobile device.

Already, 2011 has been touted as the ‘Year of the Tablet’ with projected sales for the currently in demand devices. When you look at a few that are on the market today, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Apple iPad, then you look at the tablets of tomorrow, there’s a whole host of tablets that will be running on Android’s Honeycomb 3.0 OS and of course, the expected iPad 2.

A company called Forrester has published some projected results of tablet and laptop sales, as far as we can see, the tablet sales seem extremely aggressive. The sales are higher than most would expect. Forrester are predicting that the sales of tablet PCs will grow from the 2010 figure of 10.3 million to 44 million in 2015.

Looking at their projected laptop sales, Forester believes that they will keep growing too, only not to the extent of tablet PCs. They believe that the 26.4 million laptop sales of 2010 will continue to grow up to 38.9 million in 2015.

Pretty interesting stuff when you look at the specs of devices that are being released on both styles of machine. You can read more about this over at where Lauren Indvik has written an article.

What do you think of the projected figures? Let us know your thoughts on how accurate you think this is in the comments below.

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