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iPad 2 at CES 2011: New case with mock-up iPad shows itself

January 5, 2022 | Debbie Turner

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iPad 2 at CES 2011: New case with mock-up iPad shows itself

Even though CES 2011 has not officially begun yet (begins January 6), there’s plenty of news already coming out of Las Vegas and this time we have some information about the next-generation iPad. We’ve already posted many articles about CES including how we feel the big news this year is all about tablets and alternatives to the iPad, and recently we wrote about the iPad 2 and whether it will be worth the wait.

Today’s snippet regards a new case spotted at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show). This is not one of the previously reported cases which came to light which gave some clues about the iPad 2 and were then removed from listings. Instead this case is from Dexim and even contained a mockup iPad 2, according to an Electronista report. The case had cutouts for cameras and also a bigger speaker and the mockup iPad featured a lower home button.

Foxconn has so far not commented on the leaked cases but it is widely believed that information about measurements and specs is being obtained from the company and if the iPad 2 is really coming in the next few months then the hardware design for production should surely be settled on by now. Paul Miller over on Engadget also writes about the Dexim iPad 2 case and notes how the mockup iPad 2 is slimmer and more tapered than the original.

Also the case design featured a magnetically adhered Bluetooth keyboard which seems like a really clever idea. What are your thoughts on this case and what it means for the iPad 2? We feel pretty sure that it’s a valid case as a lot of trouble seems to have gone into producing it but why not send us your comments to let us know what you think.

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