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Google Vs Facebook: Revenue Per Unique User Compared

Google Vs Facebook: Revenue Per Unique User Compared

In the past, we have completed various comparisons between Facebook and Google, we have had a look at them trying to gain from each other’s markets, we’ve seen them battling it out to get you to add their webpage as your homepage and we have also reported on the user data battle.

Facebook are again very much in the spotlight after a huge investment from Goldman Sachs and the controversy surrounding their ’Special Purpose Vehicle’, which you can read more about here. Now we are going to take a look at how much revenue is generated per unique visitor to their websites and see if Goldman Sachs investment will be worth it. Have a look at the graph below, which was drawn from comScore but we found it over at

From the graph, you can see that Facebook’s unique visitors only generate $4 per person where Google’s generates $24. This is 6 times more revenue per unique visitor. What we would have liked to have seen is how big the sample group of users was. If this was performed over any length of time then the overall revenue generated may actually swing back towards Facebook. They have more active users daily and have more than 600 million users.

What do you think of the stats? Would you have put Google that far ahead per unique visitor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Google ads have more relevancy. In Facebook, they're more of a distraction since you don't necessarily go in with the purpose of finding a product.

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