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CES 2011: Vudu Announces 3D Movie Streaming

January 5, 2022 | Matt Tran

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CES 2011: Vudu Announces 3D Movie Streaming

Video streaming site Vudu has announced that it will start offering a 3D movie streaming service very soon. Speaking just ahead of the CES 2011 event, the organisation will be the first company to provide this service.

Mashable reports that you will be able to view the 3D content in 480p, 720p and 1080p resolutions. For the maximum viewing experience a 1080p resolution is strongly recommended. The streaming service has put out the word that they will start filling up their 3D catalogue next week; however no pricing details have been given as of yet.

The bandwidth requirements for 3D viewing is the same as 2D although you will need an appropriate device to stream the film with the 3D TV itself also needed. The compatible devices available are an HDTV/Blu Ray player or Sony’s Playstation 3. Other manufacturers such as LG and Samsung are also offering devices, with a full list being provided on Geeky Gadgets.

Vudu’s service already offers its users instant HD and HDX 1080p and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 Surround. Now with the addition of 3D movies, Vudu will be a real force in the streaming market this year. With the new year only 5 days old, who knows how far the 3D market will be pushed over the next 12 months. If you are a fan of 3D then you may be interested to see one of our other posts on Samsung’s “lightest glasses ever”. Leave us your comments on the availability of 3D streaming and what developments in tech you would like to see this year.

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  1. archie says:

    can we get VUDU service in UK? Damn, why sony's PSN doesnt have 3D movies :(

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