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Lenovo IdeaPads: Y, V, and Z Series Release Dates and Prices

January 4, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Lenovo IdeaPads: Y, V, and Z Series Release Dates and Prices

Lenovo aren’t being slow for the New Year, we have already reported that they will be appearing at CES 2011 with the new x120e ThinkPad. Following that announcement we have had another one, Lenovo will also be releasing some other new laptops.

The new laptop ranges include the following names, the IdeaPad Y, IdeaPad B, IdeaPad V and IdeaPad S. From Lenovo’s press release, you can see that they have categorized the laptops. They are categorized like this. High Performance Mobile Entertainment, this is the IdeaPad Y560d, Y470 and Y570 laptops. The Y series will also be 3D enabled so will come with some 3D glasses for watching films, playing games or what ever you would like to do in 3D.

Next up is the Z series, Fashionable Multimedia Laptops; these are the models of IdeaPad, Z570, Z470, and Z370. The other laptops we were mentioning are the V range, these are described by Lenovo as the Work Smarter and Faster, and the models that you can expect to see are V570, V470 and V370 IdeaPads.

You can read some of the expected specs over on Engadget’s article written by Laura June by clicking here. These laptops are being released between April and May. May sees the IdeaPad Y series and they will have a starting price of $899.99. April is the month for the V Series laptops will start at $599.99 and the Z series we are still waiting to hear, although as soon as they are available we will report on them.

Will you be picking up a Lenovo laptop? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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