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CES 2011: How to survive geek gathering of the world plus schedule


Anyone remotely interested in technology must surely have noticed that it’s nearly time for CES 2011, or to give it its official name the International Consumer Electronics Show 2011, which runs from this Thursday January 6 to Sunday January 9. Variously dubbed the “gadget Super Bowl,” or “Christmas morning for nerds” the head of the Consumer Electronics Association, Gary Shapiro, would rather refer to it as “the World Cup of Technology. It is the geek gathering for the world.”

Earlier today we told how to find maps and floor plans of the various exhibits at CES 2011 and took a look at an article by John D. Sutter over on CNN, who points out that the show bills itself as “the world’s largest consumer technology trade show,” and also provided the quotes above. He also informs us that this year 2,500 companies will be displaying their latest ‘next best thing’ and that 1.6 million square feet of floorspace will be taken up with the show where 20,000 new products will be displayed.

As we pointed out in our previous article comfortable shoes are a must and we’ve also told how tablet devices will be the biggest talk of the show. Sutter also feels that Apple may even steal the show with announcements about an iPad 2 or a Verizon iPhone although in our previous article today about a Verizon iPhone we noted it was unlikely to be seen at CES. Sutter also points out that the show can be exhausting and this is picked up by Dean Takahashi over on Venture Beat with a very useful article which will help people to survive the rigors of the show.

Takahashi gives a useful roadmap of each day of the show giving information of how events will unfold and also hints how to survive the parties and suggests comfortable shoes and a backpack with wheels. Check out the article for much more information about the schedule. Are you heading to Las Vegas for CES 2011 and if so have you any useful tips to share? We’d welcome your comments on this.

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