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Verizon 4G Smartphones Storm CES 2011?

January 3, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

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One of the biggest consumer electronic shows (CES) is due to take place 6-9 January 2011, yes, a matter of days, and its the one time of the year that developers get to showcase their latest innovations be it, the latest mobile phone device, TV, laptop and so on. With so many manufacturers making their way to the event with ticket in hand, the big red wireless telecommunications company “Verizon” along with its new devices could possibly take precedence over everything else.

Towards the end of this week, the tech world as via The Wall Street Journal stated, will be gearing themselves up with the announcement of at least one Verizon Android 4G powered device. But the possibility is that there will be more than the one. In fact, smartphones such as the new HTC Thunderbolt or Incredible HD has it is known, Motorola, LG and Samsung will no doubt feature highly.

After digesting this, you may be keen to hear that Verizon may be showing off a car from General Motors incorporating the OnStar Navigation system powered by the new 4G network, currently the system is runing on the old network. As well as this, announcements may be possibly made for future online multiplayer gaming and video services.

Tell us what Verizon announcements are you hoping to hear at this year’s CES? Let us know.

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