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Twitter in Print: What would it take?


Earlier today we told how Twitter had turned down a $500 million offer from Facebook back in 2008 and gave some statistics such as how Twitter now has over 175 million users and around 95 million tweets are sent every day. Now we have some more amazing statistics for you about the popular microblogging site in the form of an infographic.

Regular readers of OSM will know that we love a good infographic, a way of depicting data and statistics in pictorial form that makes it easier to digest. Recent infographics have included numbers compared between Facebook and Twitter and another about Hootsuite, the social media dashboard. We spotted this latest infographic over on, sourced from Cartridge Save, and if you’ve ever wondered what would it would look like if somebody printed Twitter, this one is for you.

Now whoever worked out these statistics has to be some kind of genius and very, very patient. For instance there have been 7 billion tweets made to date and if you printed Twitter it would cover 350 million sheets of paper. The paper would weigh the equivalent of 82 school buses each laden with 84 tweeting kids.

Also if Twitter was printed it would take one person reading tweets throughout the working day 2,912 years to read them all and the cost of printing Twitter on an HP inkjet would work out at $24.5 million. These are only a few of the fascinating statistics you can see over on the full infographic which you can see below this article if you scroll down. I’m pretty sure you’ll be as amazed as I was about some of the information given and would like to hear your comments about this infographic so please do send them in.

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If You Printed Twitter
Infographic by Cartridge Save for printer cartridges

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