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Samsung Silhouette: World’s Lightest 3D Glasses

January 3, 2022 | Matt Tran

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Samsung Silhouette: World’s Lightest 3D Glasses

If you picked yourself up a Samsung 3D TV this Christmas just gone, then you may be interested to hear that the Electronics giant has just created what they claim is the lightest pair of 3D shutter glasses yet.

The super sleek shades are set to go on show at CES in 2011 and as you can see in the images, they have a different look to the normal ones on sale from other companies due to Samsung teaming up with an Austrian firm to do the designing work. Electric Pig has reported that the specs have a perfect weight balance due to all the the little electronics inside being moved to the back of the active shutter glasses.

Another very handy and unique feature that Samsung’s new glasses hold is that when it automatically detects a 3D signal, it turns itself on and off accordingly. Engadget has also gone on to say that the specs are able to recharge wirelessly as well as weighing a feather like 28 grams. Currently there is not a great deal of companies out there who are offering some of these services, but no doubt they will before the year is up.

Hopefully by the end of 2011 we may see these glasses become totally extinct, with the introduction of glasses free 3D which is in development. Leave us all of your comments on these super sleek and light 3D glasses and if you plan to pick up a pair upon launch.

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