iPad 2 Release Weighing Up The Options: Will You Wait?

As we enter a fresh new year, our excitement over what technology we are going to be treated to in 2011 is releasing a hive of anticipation. Apple’s iPad 2 has been one of the most talked about devices set to appear this year.

Most recently DigiTimes has reported that Apple’s next gen iPad will be breaking cover sometime in April, as shipping from the Chinese factories begins in February. It is suggested that the expected sales figures for the tablet will reach 15 million by the end of the year.

PC World however, have asked a few questions from us as to whether the much hyped Apple tablet is really worth waiting for? Obviously iPad set the trend for tablet devices but after CES 2011 we are bound to see a huge wave of competitive devices swarming on to the market.

First up, as rumored the iPad 2 will likely sport a front-facing camera for Facetime. But are you likely to really get the most out of it? As PC World says, think about your laptop’s web-cam, is it something that you use that often for video chat?

Also as we have said, other companies will be releasing their take on the tablet device. So will the iPad 2 have enough to offer to make it a better option than the likes of the already popular Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry’s PlayBook and Android tablets from big players like LG, Motorola and Acer, to name but a few? We are prepared for a slimmed down version of the iPad with iPhone 4 quality resolution and greater motion sensing, but will this be enough to make the Apple tablet worth hanging on for?

A lot of things to think about, and questions to be answered, but give us your thoughts and opinions as to Apple’s forthcoming device?

  • http://twitter.com/johndavidlee @johndavidlee

    I've been holding out for a while for the next iPad. With the two cameras being added, and now the new Skype app being released, the new iPad should be able to be a replacement for my home machine which is primarily used for basic browsing and email and video chatting with my daughters grandparents.

  • jim

    I hate waiting. I'm tempted to buy the first gen ipad

  • Beanz

    There's no way the iPad 2 will have the same resolution (retina) as the iPhone 4. do you realize how much that would cost and how much battery that much of a resolution would need? impossible. not happenin. nope. nadda. sorry. the ipad 2 may have a little bit better resolution, but not much. read the blogs bud.