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Facebook: Goldman Invests $450 Million Into Social Networking

Facebook: Goldman Invests $450 Million Into Social Networking

We previously reported that the value of Facebook had increased dramatically, the estimations showed around 56% growth. Now we are reporting that Facebook’s value seems to have increased even more. Facebook has also had a large investment of $450 million from Goldman Sachs and a $50 million investment from Digital Sky Technologies who are a Russian investment firm, the question is, what on earth are Facebook going to do with all that money?!

The value of Facebook has continually grown, through last year we heard various valuations, but the most lucrative ones were in September at $23-33 billion and then in November at $41 billion. Now that there has been a huge investment, the deals mean that the company is now worth an astonishing $50 billion.

The deal between Goldman and Facebook is that Goldman Sachs will help Facebook to raise even more money, an additional 1.5 billion using what has been described as a ‘special purpose vehicle’ which is designed to allow outside investors to invest in the company.

We are unsure of what Facebook will do with all this cash, perhaps they will pass some of it out to their existing investors and employees as they did previously and then concentrate on growth. You can read more about the investments over at where Ben Parr has written an article by clicking here. You can also head over to where MG.Siegler has reported.

What do you think they will do with the cash? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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