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Apple Value: $300 Billion - 6 Times More Than Facebook

January 3, 2022 | Tim Ollason


Apple Value: $300 Billion – 6 Times More Than Facebook

Recent reports say that Apple has now become worth more than $300 billion. The mass earnings this year have been from the success of their two big devices of 2010, the iPhone 4 and the iPad. The figures they produce are nothing short of amazing, in the fourth quarter alone, they sold 4.19 million iPads and 14.1 million iPhones.

Apple reaching the $300 billion marker means that the company has gained a lot of value of the last 8 months. Looking back to 8 months ago, Apple was worth $223 billion and now it has increased to $300 billion meaning that it has gained $67 billion in that time.

To give a comparison, we earlier reported on the value of the social networking giant Facebook, it’s worth $50 billion following its $500 million investment from Goldman Sachs and Russian firm Digital Sky Technologies. When you look at the values, although Facebook has dramatically increased, Apple is way ahead. It is worth around 6 times more than Facebook. That is astounding. Head over to where Ben Parr has written an article with more about the figures by clicking here.

There is only one other company that is worth more than Apple, do you know it? Have a guess in the comments below.

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