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MySpace: Job Cuts Imminent - Site For Sale?

January 2, 2022 | Tim Ollason
MySpace: Job Cuts Imminent – Site For Sale?

MySpace, what has become of thee? It used to be the biggest social media group however things have changes as they always do. At the peak time of MySpace’s reign you would never have thought they would be in the position they are now.

The ex social networking giant employs around 1,100 employees mainly based in the U.S, it seems that around 50% of them will be slashed in MySpace’s desperate attempt to save on costs. Facebook have tried a site revamp, completely changing their image to try and replicate their previous success. You can read a little more about the job cuts over at by clicking here.

There are a few whispers that MySpace will be sold, according to, Zynga are one of the potential buyers. Zynga make games that are featured on Facebook, but you have to wonder, would this be a good move for them? Google are another potential buyer, it’s no secret that Google are desperately trying to break into the world of social networking. The problem they have, is they would want their social networking site to work as seamlessly as their search engine, is MySpace right for them?

These are interesting times and we will keep you posted on any further updates. Can you think of any other potential buyers? What do you think of the job cuts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Greg says:

    I think Google should buy myspace, then they would be a fierce competitor against facebook if its as easy to use as google itself.

  2. Sylvia LaFrance says:

    MySpace is so far from what it was when I enjoyed it… that it's not even recognizable… pity… I miss it.

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