AT&T LTE dual November 6th Android devices


It’s safe to say that this year so far, has seen a massive influx of mobile phone handsets as well as tablets, laptops and so on with companies such as Samsung, Apple, HTC, Motorola and even LG all battling it out. … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween Google Doodles: from early days


Today we celebrate Halloween and for many of us around the globe, it’s the time to dress up in scary costumes and makeup whilst enjoying ourselves at a party or trick and treating. Over the past week or so, we’ve reported on a handful of YouTube viral videos, that show how to make your own … [Read more...]

Twitter remembers Jimmy Savile 84


Thoughts today are with radio and TV’s Sir Jimmy Savile who passed away at the age of 84 after suffering from pneumonia, he was two days off celebrating his 85th birthday. … [Read more...]

YouTube focused on last minute Halloween costumes

YouTube focused on last minute Halloween costumes

It might not be Halloween just yet, but the weekend is here, and is the best time to go out to parties or other such events. Most of you will already know what you will be dressing up as, but for those who still have no idea, then you will be pleased that YouTube is there to help, as they are now … [Read more...]

Nextdoor: Social network to connect neighbors

Nextdoor- Social network to connect neighbors

Social networking is a funny thing, yes we know how successful Facebook has become, but we are now beginning to see more of us thinking more towards privacy than sharing. There is no denying that these services are a worry for some, but what if there was a way where you could share socially while … [Read more...]

New Microshield iPad 2 cases


Whether you are an avid fan or not of Apple, there’s no disputing that the Cali company make some pretty impressive devices, they’ve paved the way for others with their iPhone, iPod and iPad products and it’s the latter that we wanted to talk about. … [Read more...]

Facebook stirs “Clares Law” safe dating


Online social networking site Facebook since its initial launch back in 2004, is now home to some 800 million users and the number is continually rising. Although the site provides a good communication tool between users and the outside world, it has and still comes with negative comments, the main … [Read more...]

Magnate case for iPhone 4S, Galaxy S / Epic 4G and Blackberry


Often when we purchase a new smartphone device, we tend to forget how we are going to protect it from bumps, knocks and scratches. There are many accessories available on the current market but sometimes it’s our job here at OSM to make you aware of them. Over the last 2 or so weeks, since the … [Read more...]

Meet the Lego Man


For Jeff Hindman in Florida, what he was about to discover has totally baffled everybody! Whilst out walking along Siesta Key Beach, Hindman came across a statue on the sand and on approaching he realised it was in fact an 8 foot Lego Man. … [Read more...]

New Apple iPad 3 display rumors


There’s no doubt that Apple have stolen the show this year with the introduction of the iPad 2, and if news is anything to go by today, the same will be said for 2012. Rumors for the last few months, have been indicating that the Cali company will be introducing a new iPad 3, something of which has … [Read more...]

Apple EFI Firmware update: iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air and Pro


As always with the Cali company Apple, their need to improve and fix issues results in a multitude of firmware updates. The latest is that of an EFI firmware update that is recommended for users of iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air and Pro models. … [Read more...]

Secure your Motorola DROID RAZR, 27th October


Good news for those following Motorola’s revival of their RAZR branded handset. As of tomorrow Verizon will offer the new DROID for pre-order from 8am EST. Priced at $299.99 based on a 2 year contract, customers will be able to get their orders in at … [Read more...]

Samsung Exhibit II 4G at Walmart: October 27th


Samsung’s list of current and forthcoming mobile phone handsets just doesn’t seem to be stopping. With what seems to be continuous rivalry between Apple and the South Korean company, Samsung have just announced another to their range, that of the Exhibit II 4G. … [Read more...]

Affordable Nokia Lumia 710 with bright back covers


Finnish company Nokia it seems have been busy little bees, with an announcement of some new mobile phone handsets on the way. Officially unveiled at the Nokia World conference in London just a short time ago, the new range of phones will arrive with the new Mango OS as well as specs to appeal to … [Read more...]

New Nokia Lumia 800 with new free additions


Just announced at the recent Nokia World conference in London, the Finnish company Nokia have introduced a new handset into the mix, that of the new Lumia 800 and it impresses on first appearances. … [Read more...]

Iris 9000: Extend voice distance of Siri on iPhone 4S


With Apple’s new iPhone 4S smartphone that has officially released, comes the introduction of new voice activation technology “Siri.” The feature allows you to talk to your phone with Siri reminding you of appointments, acting as a location finder and so on. Just the other day we brought you news … [Read more...]

Manchester United’s mauling kept Rio Ferdinand off Twitter


Manager of 25 years Alex Ferguson described Manchester United’s 6-1 defeat against Manchester City, as “the worst result in his history,” and that’s without the humiliation that fans would have felt at the time. Added to the shame, the side lost on their own turf. It was hoped that after their … [Read more...]

Apple start pickup in store


Fans of Apple will be pleased to learn that a new pilot program by the name of “Sherwood” is being rolled out, enabling customers to order goods online with the intention of pickup in-store. It is hoped that the new service will give customers a quick, easy and hassle-free way of shopping. … [Read more...]

Machines play Angry Birds

Machines play Angry Birds

You may remember a few days ago that Rovio released a video trailer of their limited edition 2011 Halloween Angry Birds game. The trailer never gave much away, but now we know that there is a new character and also new surprises when you complete all 30 levels. We have to wonder if a robot will be … [Read more...]

Revisiting iPhone 4S battery life issues

Revisiting iPhone 4S battery life issues

The iPhone 4S is a little under two weeks old, and it that time there has been mixed reactions. Yes, it’s a step up from the previous version in terms of hardware, but when it comes to other areas, it seems that Apple just cannot get it right. In this post we will be revisiting the iPhone 4S battery … [Read more...]

Best DIY halloween costumes: YouTube videos


In just a few days time Halloween will upon us, and so far we’ve given you news of a new Angry Birds theme including a new bird “Ham o ween,” recipes for using the pumpkin, and today we can give you some ideas courtesy of others, about making an outfit from scratch or how to apply your scary makeup. … [Read more...]

President Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign socially


The social media frenzy is being taken up by a whole host of people even within the world of politics. Today it’s the turn of a campaign that is hoped to bring success to President Obama’s 2012 presidential popularity. Back in 2008, a large percentage of Obama’s fan base was of the younger … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs: Interviews, biography and Apple HDTV


Just yesterday, we brought you news that the late Steve Jobs could be seen taking part in a 60-minute interview, of which he spoke candidly about his personal/work life plus his illness, which would take his life at the age of 56. Sitting there watching it for 60 minutes, will show the good and … [Read more...]

ASUS support Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich


It came as no surprise last week that Samsung were fully behind Google’s upcoming version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. The first device to come with Android 4.0 will be the Galaxy Nexus, but what about devices from other makers? Well, we now have word that ASUS will also be supporting the new … [Read more...]

Netflix price increase creates backlash, stock drops


Yesterday we gave you good news that streaming service Netflix would be opening their doors to the UK and Ireland in early 2012, but unfortunately with the good, comes the bad news. Despite Netflix opting to give its customers a low subscription cost once launched, it hasn’t stopped the company in … [Read more...]