Droid Bionic (or Targa) Release Delay on Verizon: Speculation Why

Here at OSM we’ve been keeping you up-to-date with all the latest developments on the Motorola Droid Bionic (or possibly Targa) and know that many of you were disappointed at the recent news surrounding its release delay, because of enhancements to be made. Now we wanted to take a look at some of … [Read more...]

Apple New iMac 2011 Refresh Release: Looks Like May 3


We have many readers waiting for news of the new iMacs for 2011, and we know this from the response to our previous stories. We told you some weeks ago that it seemed likely that they would come in late April/early May and now it seems even more likely that the Apple new iMac 2011 refresh will in … [Read more...]

GeoHot Not Behind The PSN Outage: Offers Sony Condolences


The Sony world of online gaming has certainly been rocked over the last 10 days. When we first heard about the PSN down everyone thought it was pretty much an unscheduled outage and that it would return to normal service but when that didn’t happen people started to wonder what was going on, … [Read more...]

World With No Twitter: Just Imagine (Infographic)

We are all aware of the ever-growing impact of Twitter on our lives as its presence continues to grow. Have you ever imagined though, a world with no Twitter? We’ve come across a great infographic which shows, in a light-hearted way, what it might be like. … [Read more...]

Fernando Torres, Frank Lampard & David Luiz Funny Interview


Social media and Football are quickly gaining a deep relationship especially as more and more footballers are joining up to the site. Just to name a few high profile players that are constantly tweeting we have Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Babel with Wayne Rooney joining them … [Read more...]

Twitter Top 10 Trends: Will Football Top It Again?


The time of the week has come again where we talk to you about what has been happening in the world of Twitter and what has been tweeted about a lot. That’s right; the votes have been counted and compiled courtesy of Matt Silverman over at Mashable … [Read more...]

Verizon HTC Thunderbolt Update: Battery Life Still a Problem


The HTC Thunderbolt has been one of the phones that many people have been looking forward to this year. We have recently reported that the phone has had a huge price drop on Amazon, how there’s now a toggle app that allows you to turn 4G on and off easily and also a comparison of the sales between … [Read more...]

Features Of A Jailbroken iPhone: iPhone 5 Should Take Note


We are all aware of Apple’s popularity in the world of the cell phone and also in the tablet PC market but have they managed to create the perfect device in terms of looks, value for money and importantly, features? If you ask that same question to anyone who has a jailbroken iPhone they will laugh … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 Could Feature iCloud: Spanning Across Services

The Apple iPhone 5 continues to be the focus of news and speculation despite the recent news that it may not arrive until later this year. The latest developments about the iPhone 5 concern the fact that it could feature the new Apple iCloud, which could span across several services. … [Read more...]

Samsung Droid Charge Release Date News: Could be Tuesday

Many people are waiting for the release of the Samsung Droid Charge on Verizon after the release on Thursday was postponed and we have promising news on a release date as it seems it could happen as soon as this coming Tuesday. … [Read more...]

Wayne Rooney Tweets Mock Up Image Of Him And Prince William


Twitter is growing pretty quickly, only recently we reported that it now has more than 200 million users signed up and one of them famously joined last week. That person is Wayne Rooney, this has been met with a mixed reception as he is one of the best English sports stars we have seen in a while … [Read more...]

Another Weekend Of PSN Outage: PS3 Gamers Suffer


We are now into the 10th day of the PSN being down and we are wondering what is happening in terms of gamers and what you are playing. There are certain types of gamers that only play online and those are the main ones that will be suffering here … [Read more...]

Sexy Sax Man Prank Starts New Trend With YouTube Clip


We like anybody else enjoy moments of comedy that leave us with our sides splitting and that’s exactly what happened with a certain clip from YouTube. More and more hilariously funny clips are hitting the site such as Epic Rap Battles of History and the cute baby penguin being tickled … [Read more...]

MyTouch 4G Slide on T-Mobile Specs: Dual Core 1.2 & 3D leaks

There have been some great handsets coming to T-Mobile recently, such as the LG G2x, the Sidekick 4G and even rumors that T-Mobile may be getting the Apple iPhone. Today though we have some leaked specs news on another upcoming smartphone, the myTouch 4G Slide on T-Mobile and it looks as though it … [Read more...]

Twitter Exceeds 200 Million Users: Growing Nicely


Twitter is quickly becoming one of the largest social networks around; the number of users signing up to the service is pretty impressive although it doesn’t quite match that of Facebook. Facebook currently has more than 500 million users signed up more likely to be around the 600 million marker now … [Read more...]

Royal Wedding Kiss & Frowning Bridesmaid: YouTube Highlight


Yesterday’s Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, was pure delight to many people. It seems though, that one person wasn’t quite so impressed and has gathered a huge amount of media attention. For the Royal Wedding kiss on the balcony one … [Read more...]

BlackBerry Bold Touch: Now You See It Now You Don’t


There are a lot of people with their eye on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet PC but something that quite often goes under the carpet due to the current popularity of Apple and Android is the smartphones from RIM. The BlackBerry Bold was the smartphone choice of many companies when it made its way onto … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 5 or New iMac In 2011: What Do You Want More?

As we know from the products that are out there already Apple are the trend setters of our time, look at what they did with the tablet PC market. They took something that was dead and turned it into a profitable, worthwhile market that many other manufacturers are now joining them in. Mobile phones … [Read more...]

Top 10 Twitter Trending Terms For The Royal Wedding


For all of you that follow our Twitter Top 10 trending topics articles we have a special treat for you that you might be interested in if you followed the Royal Wedding. It’s the top 10 trending terms for the Royal wedding as told by Mashable’s Lauren Indvik who has added a chart and talks about how … [Read more...]

Sony PSN Outage Continues: Time To Go From PS3 To Xbox 360?


So let’s just recap on what we know in terms of what Sony has told us, firstly the PSN went down on Wednesday the 20th we were all outraged and thought that it was perhaps some kind of unplanned outage and when the service didn’t resume within the next day people started to wonder what was going on … [Read more...]

Royal Wedding Excitement Measured: Twitter & Facebook Statistics


This has been an amazing day of celebration as over 2 billion people across the globe shared the experience of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Even though the crowds are still massed outside Buckingham Palace before the evening reception, we thought it was time to take a … [Read more...]

The White iPhone 4 Is Thicker Than The Black?

The white Apple iPhone has now been released which we are sure the entire world is relieved about as it has been a long time coming. Unfortunately there’s already talk of shortages of the device that so many people want and also it’s being compared to other smartphones as we knew it would like the … [Read more...]

YouTube Live Streaming Record Smashed By Royal Wedding!


The Royal Wedding has been the biggest talking point and excitement so far this year and it certainly lived up to expectations today. An estimated 2 billion people tuned in world-wide and YouTube's live stream figures went absolutely haywire! … [Read more...]

Royal Wedding Cartwheeling Verger YouTube Video: Magic Moment


The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton has just taken place and what a glorious extravaganza it was. There were some wonderful highlights and now we have news for you of one of the best, a cartwheeling verger in the abbey. This can now be seen in a YouTube video, which we reckon … [Read more...]

New iMac Refresh Release Closer: UK Low Stock & Discounted Models

We know that the subject that many of you want to hear about at the moment is when the new Apple iMac for 2011 will be here. We’ve been reporting on this for some time and today we reckon the new iMac refresh release is closer still as there appear to be low stocks in the UK and one international … [Read more...]