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iPhone 5 Brings Apple’s 5 Year Plan To An End?

December 30, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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iPhone 5 Brings Apple’s 5 Year Plan To An End?

The last few weeks on the internet has been rife with news surrounding the next generation iPhone, yes we are talking about the iPhone 5 and its subsequent arrival next year. But along with rumors on what specifications it will include and release dates, have we ever considered after its launch, whether this will be the end of the road with the iPhone range?

As quite rightly pointed out, in years gone by, tech giants Apple only tend to design a product lasting a maximum of 5 years or mark their product to have 5 generations before it really cannot go any further in design, and consumers buy on just price alone. Take the iPod as an example. This device got a good 5 years before the iPhone made its way onto the market and quenched our thirst for something different, along with the iMac and its redesign to the iMac G5.

As the market for mobile phones increases and the introduction of more on the way at next week’s CES show 2011, where will this leave the next iPhone 5? In relation to Apple’s iPad there is certainly the next version on the way giving us plenty to look forward to, and only yesterday, we reported here at OSM, on a patent application being accepted allowing Apple to use a 3D stereoscopic system (holographic) display on their devices in the future.

So coming back to the iPhone. After Apple has released the new 5, there isn’t really anything else to change on the design, surely it cannot be made any thinner or an introduction of new features, a view shared by some including that of

What would you think about the iPhone era possibly coming to an end? Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. Joseph J says:

    This is a pointless article with no substance.

  2. Apple Lover says:

    i myself feels really bad that APPLE will stop making new iPhones :( Because i was hoping that maybe Apple was going make a iPhone that would be 3D, other colors than black & White,thinner, a better art work of the apple sign on the back of the iPhone. Well good luck Apple, make us proud!

  3. smith says:

    I feel stupid having read this article !!!!

  4. Jacob W says:

    It’s a cute theory but you didn’t think about it much. It’s just something to declare on your soapbox.  I could argue that there is the iPod touch and touchscreen iPod nano (6th gen). I could tell you of some features that will be divided between iPhone 5 and 6. Or how it’s such a cash cow for Apple that they wouldn’t dream of only letting it go up to 5. 

    But then your article has this 

    ‘Tech giants Apple’  and I can’t help but laugh at how pathetic this article is. 

  5. sds says:

    I think this article is misguided. Touch devices and the related industries such as apps store sales. Apple is one of the forerunners in said industry, and the iPhone is one of the backbone of its touch devices. I mean think about it the iPod never actually went away it just changed into a touch device. More likely Apple will be introducing a new device sometime in the next few years, and the iPhone will simple be a product that is upgraded periodically.

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