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Ford MyKey: Radio Censorship & Speed Restriction

December 30, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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Parents, select your level of paranoia. Do you have children in their teens that always need to use your car? Perhaps you want to put a few of your worries to rest by restricting some of the things your kids can do in your car.

Have you ever seen your teen driving along with abusive music playing? Well, you can now restrict that. Are you ever worried that your teenager is speeding around the highways? You can restrict that too. This sort of functionality will debut as standard across a few varying models of Ford and Lincoln.

As Ford say on their official site, MyKey is the first technology in the world that features programmable parental control over a vehicle’s radio including the sound level. The MyKey can also limit a vehicle’s top speed up to 80mph. Engadget’s Christopher Trout has provided some opinion on this which you can read here.

For us at OSM, it’s much more important that the speed is limited, perhaps not just for teens, but this could be extended further than that. Going forward this technology will undoubtedly be taken on by other car manufacturers, with that in mind; this would make a great addition for when buying a car for people with previous convictions. When buying a car, we mean in a similar way that financing is checked; surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to have a flag added for the feature to be compulsory. It could help them to not re-offend in the future and perhaps could be issued as a consequence when someone is caught speeding.

The way the technology works, the key has a chip in it that is programmable, so when it enters the ignition, the car’s computer reads the chip and amends the settings for the vehicle accordingly.

What do you think of this? Do you see it as a way forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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