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2011 Tablet PC: Android & iPad To Rule?

2011 Tablet PC: Android & iPad To Rule?

With CES 2011 fast approaching, we are seeing many different companies preparing their tablet PCs. So far we have seen Motorola’s advert for their tablet, which wowed audiences, we have seen the Archos 70 and of course, the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Recent reports say that shipments of tablet PCs will reach 48 million for 2011. Whilst that is a high number, it isn’t really surprising when you consider the constant popularity of the Apple iPad, coupled with the fact that 2011 will see the release of the iPad 2. We will also be seeing tablets released by a number of companies, some of which we have named above, no doubt others will have plans for 2011.

We predict that of the Android tablets, the Motorola one in particular will be popular due to the plans of it running Honeycomb and the iPad / iPad 2 will be more than likely be on top. It’s difficult to rule out the BlackBerry PlayBook though, especially when the price is good to at less than $500. Another device that is on the cards but hasn’t been officially announced yet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, perhaps that will boost the number up a little when appears on the scene. and are reporting similar articles with their predictions; make sure you have a look.

Who do you think will rule the roost of the tablet PC world for 2011? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Venom says:

    iPad has to win, faster and better than any other tablet device; that's a fact.

  2. spiderman says:

    Actually just like android phones have defeated the iphone, the motorola tablet will beat the ipad into submission. Now That’s a fact.

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