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Top Search Term 2010: Facebook - Are You Surprised?

December 29, 2021 | Tim Ollason
Top Search Term 2010: Facebook – Are You Surprised?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Experian has been doing all its fancy work again, pulling in the figures for lots of different things. Have you ever wondered what the most searched for term is? There must be a few out there that you would guess at.

Would you guess that Facebook has topped the chart for a 2nd year running? This year, of the top 10 search terms, there were 4 that involved Facebook. YouTube featured fairly highly as did MySpace, but interestingly no sign of Twitter or Foursquare.

Experian measured a couple of other things too, they measured the 10 most visited websites, our previous winner, and Facebook came out on top again. Google sat in 2nd spot followed by a couple of Yahoo web addresses and then

There were plenty of other things that were measured too, like the most searched for athlete, top branded destination, top movie titles and the top 5 musical artists. You can view all of these results by heading over to

Are you surprised at Facebook being the most searched for term on the Internet? Let us know your thoughts on the research in the comments below.

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  1. jim says:

    its as it should be

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