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Sears & Kmart Launch New “Alphaline” Movie Service

During the month of November, here at OSM we focused our attention around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and 2 of the big retailer contenders at the time were that of Sears and Kmart and their sale items. But news this week, has indicated that the 2 will now be offering yet another service to customers. A movie download and rental service from Sonic’s RoxioNow platform in fact a service which was first talked about back in June.

Their new offering as Mashable reported, will be called “Alphaline Entertainment,” and subscribers will have the opportunity to rent out movies for a mere $3 to $4 and to buy the latest movies from $10 to $20 on the day that they are officially released on DVD. There is no time restriction as to when you can access this service as it will be available 24 hours a day, and good news for those of you who enjoy watching your films through your games console such as the Xbox 360, as this will also be a option.

In the future BGR stated, the companies involved are hoping to bring the download and rental service to other devices such as mobile phones, HD TV’s as well as portable media players.

Will you be checking out this new service, and if not, tell us who you would prefer to use, is it Inc, Google Inc or perhaps Netflix Inc? Let us know your thoughts.