iPhone 5 Antenna Placed Behind Apple Logo: No Signal Loss?

iPhone 5 Antenna Placed Behind Apple Logo: No Signal Loss?

With 2010 drawing to a close and a brief look back at what this year has had to offer in relation to the tech world, one of the key dates that springs to mind is that of the iPhone 4 release. In terms of what is now available on the market from other competitors, Apple’s offering is still featuring high on the list despite the antennagate issue back in the summer. So with the iPhone 5 on the horizon have the tech giants learnt anything from that dark time?

If today’s news is anything to go by, then yes they have. Rumors are circulating that future iOS and Mac devices will have the antenna positioned underneath the Apple logo on the back. According to ITProPortal.com via Patently Apple, it has stated during the month of June last year, a patent application was filed allowing Steve Jobs and his company to re-position the antenna underneath the logo which will be found at the back of the next generation iPhone, iPad, future iPod Touches and Mac OSX PCs.

Despite the iPhone 4′s antennagate problem with loss of signal, and the non-appearance of the white version, we cannot argue the fact that sales of the iPhone 4 speak for themselves. Head on over to Patently Apple to get a more in-depth look at details and pictures of the patent application.

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