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CityVille Vs. FarmVille: Which Is Better?

CityVille Vs. FarmVille: Which Is Better?

Facebook games are becoming bigger and bigger. FarmVille was the number 1 game on Facebook up until recently when CityVille surpassed. Both games were developed by the leading development company for social network gaming, Zynga.

FarmVille currently has a high number of monthly active users at 57,370,315. For CityVille to eclipse that is nothing short of amazing. CityVille currently has 72,419,627 monthly active users, so it’s not as if its even a handful of users more, there is a considerable difference.

According to, about 69 million people played CityVille in the last 30 days. In CityVille you create and maintain your own city. You can grow crops and supply them to your local shops and restaurants. It’s a fun concept and extremely popular by the numbers, but you have to wonder, what will be next? There is always a new craze and it can only be so long that CityVille remains in that top spot.

If you want to play CityVille, then click here and install the plugin to your Facebook. If you want to see some of the gameplay from CityVille then head to the bottom of our article.

Do you play CityVille? Do you prefer it to FarmVille? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. It is estimated that Cityville will reach 100 million players in less than 2 month.
    I guess people got bored of planting in Farmville and decided to build a metropolis instead.
    Cityville is better in terms of gameplay and graphics,It also have a 3D engine so that you can rotate your metropolis.Good luck to all players.

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