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Facebook Value: Up By 56% To $41.2 Billion

December 28, 2021 | Tim Ollason


Facebook Value: Up By 56% To $41.2 Billion

Everybody knows there is a lot of money involved in the world of Social Media and Social Networking. We reported previously that Twitter had become worth $3 billion along with Facebook’s previous valuation. We didn’t think it would be quite as much of an increase as this though.

Facebook has been reported as being worth $41.2 Billion. Around 6 months ago, the social networking giant was worth $20 Billion less. This 54% increase is an astronomical amount of growth in a short period of time. You can read more about how the study was conducted by visiting InformationWeek where Alison Diana has written an article, you can view it here.

To give an indication and comparison of valuation, let’s have a look at some other companies. Google is valued at $149 billion, Amazon at $73.5 billion and eBay is valued at $32 billion. The valuation was carried out by a company called Nyppex and they say that Facebook has now grown larger than many companies such as CBS and Viacom.

An article that has caught the eyes of OSM is over on, in particular, Chris O’Brien’s predictions for 2011. We expect to see a few changes, perhaps the biggest one being Google buying Twitter. Would Twitter be sold to Google? I guess everyone has their price. You can read more about O’Brien’s prediction by clicking here.

Are you surprised by the massive rate of growth shown by Facebook, or did you expect it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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