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BlackBerry PlayBook: Release Date Delayed?

December 28, 2021 | Tim Ollason


BlackBerry PlayBook: Release Date Delayed?

With the war of the tablet PCs drawing ever closer, we have an early casualty. Unexpectedly the BlackBerry PlayBook is the candidate that is possibly having its date postponed. The PlayBook has had the most Internet time of all the imminent releases but it seems to have encountered a problem with its battery.

The main downfall of the PlayBook from the start was the fact that the battery life couldn’t compare to that of the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Apple iPad. According to Zach Epstein over at, the Co-CEO of RIM, Jim Balsillie said in November that the plan was to launch the PlayBook in the first quarter of 2011. He also mentioned the price tag; Balsillie says it will be under $500.

We believe that Apple and RIM were planning on releasing their devices around the same time, but if the PlayBook is delayed then it pretty much paves the way for the iPad 2. A worry that RIM will have had from the start, is that Apple will get in ahead of them and start to dominate the market without the PlayBook having a chance to compete. It could get worse, as we know there are several tablet PCs lined up to appear in CES 2011.

The supposed delay will be until May, 2011, which means the PlayBook wouldn’t be released until the second quarter putting RIM in a very difficult position. The delay is not yet confirmed but if the rumor becomes lucrative then we will report to all of you.

Do you think the tablet will be delayed? What do you think the impact would be for RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook if the machine gets delayed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Beau says:

    i feel this may be a rumor look for the playbook to be released late feb. very early mar.

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