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BitTorrent Searches: 2010′s Top 10

December 28, 2021 | Matt Tran

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BitTorrent Searches: 2010′s Top 10

With the year drawing to a close, another largely used website has had its business revealed with peer to peer file sharing site BitTorrent having its top searches come to light. We will be running through the top 10 searched topics of 2010, with the full list of 100 being available on TorrentFreak.

As you would expect the list is full of movies with a few TV series, video games and lets say erotic search terms thrown in there aswell. So, the top search term on BitTorrent of 2010 was the summer blockbuster Inception which was directed by Christopher Nolan, who also was behind the successful Dark Knight movie from his revamped Batman film trilogy, with Leonardo DiCaprio playing the lead role. Iron Man 2 was the 2nd most searched for term this year after the success of the first instalment in 2008.

2010 was the 3rd most searched for term so there is nothing really to be said there, with XXX naughtily being the 4th most popular search which is no great surprise. For some reason french is the 5th most searched word on BitTorrent. A very familiar search is at number 6, with Avatar being the chosen topic. We are assuming it is James Cameron’s 2009 record breaking blockbuster that people are interested in.

Search number 7 is dvdrip which is a DVD copying programme and animated comedy movie Despicable Me is the 8th hottest search. It was coming, and porn is the 9th most searched for word with a few more similar terms unsurprisingly being found further down the list. And completing the top 10 list is the summer monster movie Clash Of The Titans which is a 3D remake of the original, released in the summer starring Sam Worthington from Avatar.

Mashable has noted that the search list is still prone to change as the year is not over, although it is not expected to move around significantly; it was confirmed that Tron: Legacy was the top search of this week. Leave us your thoughts on the top searches of 2010 and if the ones you looked for appeared on the list. I am sure I can speak for everyone in regard to one particular search that appeared in the chart a few times.

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