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Predictions For 2011: Gaming and Microsoft

December 27, 2021 | Tim Ollason

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Predictions For 2011: Gaming and Microsoft

When we all start a New Year predictions are made for the upcoming weeks, months, and year. This goes for our personal goals and even for targets that companies expect to achieve, but what should we see in 2011 when it comes to gaming?

When looking at gaming predictions for 2011, Mashable have helped us out with their 7 gaming industry predictions. These include gaming on mobile devices and the much-wanted “Wii HD”, but we wanted to touch on the tech side of gaming for 2011. Apple has long predicted that HTML5 will overtake Flash, and this is the view of Charlie White from Mashable, he feels that HTML5 has a certain future of dominating browser-based gaming. Are you backing HTML5 for the future of online gaming?

Sticking with Apple for a moment, White also predicts that Apple will enter the games console market, which will be an evolution of the Apple TV. Anyone that owns an Apple TV will know that apps have been on the cards for sometime, and this evolution will almost certainly happen, but will you play apps on your big screen rather than your mobile devices around the home? Read Mashable’s full 7 predictions for the Gaming Industry in 2011 here.

Another article we want to point you towards for 2011 predictions is on, and looks at what Microsoft may do over the next 12-months. This includes predictions of Microsoft losing the i4i case in Supreme Court, new Windows tablet PCs struggling against the competition, and Sprint / Verizon releasing Windows Phones. You can read that article in full here.

What predictions do you make for 2011 with Microsoft and the gaming industry as a whole? Hit the comments and let us know.

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