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Verizon iPhone release: Operatic anthem plea on YouTube

December 22, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Verizon iPhone release: Operatic anthem plea on YouTube

We know just how many of you are craving that Apple iPhone on Verizon and do our best to keep you up-to-date with all the news (and speculation), surrounding the much-talked about device. Just some of our recent posts have been how February for a Verizon iPhone seems more likely for a release date than either January or July, the other talked about dates, and only yesterday we posted about a possible Verizon iPhone 5 hybrid.

We know from the response to a lot of our articles that a release sooner rather than later would please an awful lot of people. We’ll be frank with you, the news we have for you today is not exactly groundbreaking and adds no information to what we already know, but we thought you could do with something a little light-hearted about a Verizon iPhone to suit the holiday season and further whet your appetites. Kelly over on IntoMobile, sourced from Fortune, reports on a video now on YouTube which is an operatic anthem entitled “An iPhone on Verizon.”

Yes, that’s how desperate some people are for the device. So desperate in fact, that they’ve taken to warbling on YouTube in opera stylee. The song lyrics are by Ljova and it’s sung by tenor Nick P. and the pianist on the video is Sam Brash. To be honest the lyrics aren’t the most imaginative and somewhat repetitive but after a couple of plays it’s already embedded firmly in my brain. You can see the video below this story so get humming! I have to say I agree with Kelly and would love to see the Verizon iPhone release to hear the next version of the song with a happy ending.

Meanwhile if you still haven’t had enough news/rumors about the iPhone then Natalie Kejeda over on KENS5, sourced from MacDailyNews lists some more speculation including the news that apparently Verizon managers had their hands on working 4G iPhones last week for training. Check out the operatic “An iPhone on Verizon” and tell us what you think by sending us your comments. If a few of us start singing it loudly enough you never know what might happen.

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  1. Linda says:

    If Steve Job wants me to sing or even get down on my knees for a Verizon iPhone, I'd do it!
    Please Steve….. Even if you can't give me a smile for Christmas, please make my New Year great one by making that announcement! And could you make mine white?

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