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Facebook: New Way To Filter Your News Feed

December 22, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Facebook: New Way To Filter Your News Feed

Facebook is in the process of rolling out a new way of organising your news feed, so that when you log on to your account you can look for certain types of stories, rather than a jumbled list of and random activity.

The new redesigned news feed will include a drop down menu, where you can filter the feed updates into the types of story that you want. You can see in the image below, provided by Geeky Gadgets that you have the option to see topics such as most recent, games, status updates or links for example.

The redesign has been put in place to cut down on the things that you are not interested in and to show you more of the content that you want to see. The drop down menu is self explanatory and narrows the most recent stories down that your desired category. Mashable has said that the update is being rolled out, but not everyone will have recieved it yet; I have just checked my account and the news feed is yet to be added.

This new redesign is a good idea in my opinion as it can be irritating when the news feed is full of junk and links when you want to see something like status updates from friends. Now, if that is all you want to see, that is all you are going to see. Please feel free to leave us your thoughts on the revamped Facebook news feed and let us know if it has gone live where you are.

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  1. andyjohnston says:

    I dont think this new addition makes much of a difference. In my opinion Facebook could use their time better in making the site more secure an dealing with the many problems that it has with its photo tagging all of which affect privacy greatly. I think sites such as Mycube and Diaspora deserve recognition for the efforts their are making in social networking secure and not just adding facny features.

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