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Best 2010 Ads: YouTube’s Most Watched

Best 2010 Ads: YouTube’s Most Watched

YouTube is a place for just about everything and is not only an unlimited entertainment fest, but also a great place to effectively advertise your goods. We will be running through the most viewed and popular advertisements of the year and I am sure you have seen some of them many times!

You may have already guessed by looking at the above image but the Old Spice ad is the most viewed video of 2010 with a total of 26 million views. The funny but extremely effective advert which features Isaiah Mustafa (AKA “The Old Spice Guy”) is not only the most watched of the year but generally also one of the most popular.

The Procter & Gamble men’s body wash, sold very well thanks to this ad with Mustafa’s womanising charm influencing wives and girlfriends to get their men to buy it. If you are yet to see the video then it is embedded for you below, with a list of the top 10 watched ads being on Bnet.

The second most viewed advert this year was amidst the Fifa World Cup in South Africa, with Nike pitching their very entertaining “Write the Future Commercial”, which involved a 3 minute video of famous players with alternate lives depending on their actions in important games. If you are a massive football fan like myself then follow the link to see the full video on Youtube.

Another highly watched sporting advert was Roger Federer’s amazing trick shot in his Gillette advert. In a behind the scenes video, Federer served the ball from distance and knocked a metal can off of a member of staffs head. Just to prove it was not a fluke, the man balanced the can on his head again and Federer knocked it off with amazing skill.

Amongst the other most viewed ads of 2010 are Google Chrome’s speed test, GEICO’s piggy commercial, the Super Bowl Doritos advert and Adidas’s Star Wars commercial. All of the featured videos have an element of humour in them and it appears that laughter is the key to getting someone to buy what you are selling. You can watch all of the videos for these ads over on Mashable. Let us know what your favourite is out of the bunch.

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