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Lunar Eclipse 2010: NASA web chats, Twitter updates, live video

December 20, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Lunar Eclipse 2010: NASA web chats, Twitter updates, live video

Today an event will take place that interests many people and that is the lunar eclipse which will occur either late on December 20 or in the early hours of tomorrow depending on your time zone. This is the final lunar eclipse of 2010 and the first total eclipse for 2 years and if you’re in North America you’re in a particularly good area to view the proceedings.

Many of you will want to know where you can find all the information you need about the lunar eclipse and we recommend the NASA website here. NASA is holding 2 live web chats so that you can enjoy the experience with people in the know and they will be held on December 20 at 3-4pm EST and again at midnight to 5am EST which will be an “up all night” event with astronomer Dr. Mitzi Adams. If you want to join in the web chats head to this page here just before they begin and you will be able to ask your questions during the chat.

NASA will also show a live video of the event coming from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama in case you don’t want to face up to the elements and another really great resource is the Twitter NASA updates here which gives a lot of useful information. Over on there’s another useful article which gives some great details such as the fact this is the first time for 372 years when a total lunar eclipse has occurred at the same time as the winter solstice and gives tips on how it works and what to look for.

Are you intending to wait up to watch the lunar eclipse 2010 or join in the NASA web chats? Let us know what you think of the event by sending us your comments please.

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