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Amazon Kindle Covers Refunded After Problems

Amazon Kindle Covers Refunded After Problems

Released at the end of August 2010, the e-book reader from Amazon the “Kindle,” has positioned itself at the top of its game alongside Barnes & Noble’s “Nook.” Allowing you to shop, browse and download e-books, newspapers and magazines, the portable reader is definitely a must have! But, today news has been reported from Engadget, that their own leather device covers are undergoing some issues with “freezing up” and at times “rebooting.”

Consequently with Amazon taking the reports very seriously indeed, and in order to rectify this and keep this sturdy reputation, they will be giving exchanges or full refunds. Basically the problem has become apparent from the non-lighted Kindle covers and the metal hooks incorporated into them, which in turn as reported, are interfering with the device.

Although Amazon has not outrightly confirmed the problem, a message has been set up on various forums including one for customers, explaining the situation and that their engineers are looking into the problem. To find out details on how to claim your cover, head on over to email

Have you been one of the unlucky few that have experienced problems with freezing or rebooting your Kindle? Let us know.

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