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Zynga And Dr. Dre Working Together On Mafia Wars

December 19, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Zynga And Dr. Dre Working Together On Mafia Wars

With plenty of booming business being in the social gaming industry right now, you cant help but think that celebrities would seize the opportunity to help promote themselves by getting involved. Well someone has.

Recording artist Dr. Dre has teamed up with games developer Zynga so that he can help promote his new album Detox. The music related partnership will involve Dre streaming his new music video “Kush”, which is the 1st track off of his highly awaited new album. The music video will be included in the “Hustlin’ Wit Dre” part of the game.

This will give users the opportunity to pick up Dre-inspired virtual items like vehicles, weapons and headphones, with bonuses up for grabs like an exclusive video message from the man himself. Mafia Wars players will also get the chance to win
a signed copy of the new album Detox and also a pair of Beats By Dre headphones.

Zynga’s first major music partnership was with rapper Snoop Dogg earlier this year, which involved a four ton armoured tank being exploded in the Nevada desert. The destructive celebration was to mark the achievement of reaching 10 million visitors in only two weeks, which was largely helped by the app being available on Facebook.

Games Beat has suggested that this move is more of an attempt to cash in on the hip nature of Facebook, and to put the celebrity more in touch with their fans. Facebook game companies want to differentiate themselves with brand or celebrity names that consumers can recognize. Let us know what your think of this new found partnership between social gaming and celebrity.

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