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Trending Twitter Topics: The Top Ten

December 19, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Trending Twitter Topics: The Top Ten

This week’s roundup of the top trends on Twitter is dominated by celebrity and sports as it has been of late. Mashable has compiled the top 10 most talked about topics of the week.

To kick things off literally at number 1 is Football/Soccer which has retained its place at the top of the chart after last week. The main tweets were about the Democratic Republic of Congo defeating the South American team Internacional 2-0, which for the first time saw an African team go to the finals of the FIFA Club World Cup. At number 2 is Super Junior after the popular Korean boy band lost out in the final of the Golden Disk Awards which saw fans tweet in their masses to show support.

UFC 124 is next on the agenda at number 3, as Welterweight fighter Georges St-Pierre defeated Josh Koscheck and won by unanimous decision. MLB is your number 4 this week after the news that Cliff Lee reportedly signed a 5-year, $100 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. Also amongst the tweets was the sad news that Cleveland Indians legend, Bob Feller passed away at the age of 92.

The 5th top trend is the Metrodome Collapse, because heavy snow caused the roof of the event stager in Minneapolis to deflate, postponing the games that were scheduled to go ahead. The 6th trend could be good or bad news for you, as it is regarding the announcement that Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are getting a divorce. Both celebrities would make ideal partners for anyone out there who is single.

Trend number 7 is the NFL, with tweets of Dallas Cowboys player Tashard Choice getting Eagles player Michael Vick to sign his glove after their defeat. The signed glove would be given to Choice’s 2 year old nephew. The Bernie Sanders Filibuster is 8th in the chart as the Senator spoke on the floor for eight hours straight to filibuster the tax deal struck by President Obama and Senate Republicans. In at 9 is Taylor Swift who reached a massive landmark as she celebrated her 21st birthday.

And completing the trends chart at number 10 this week is Miley Cyrus, because of a video of her taking a legal hallucinogen in a bong. She humorously is being nicknamed “Bob Miley”, which is a pun on Bob Marley who was well known for smoking cannabis. Thats all for this week, leave us your comments on the chart and be sure to look out for next week’s edition.

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