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Staples Remove ViewSonic G Tablet: Manufacturing Defect

Staples Remove ViewSonic G Tablet: Manufacturing Defect

At the beginning of this month, we brought you news of Viewsonic’s 10-inch “G” tablet making an appearance, along with specifications and a price of $399 from Office Depot in-store or online. Just four weeks down the line, retailer Staples, have taken the tablet off their shelves due to subsequent problems.

Only recently Toshiba with their Folio 100 was dealt with the harsh reality that it too would have to discontinue its tablet with reports of quality control issues. So what do we know about today’s news on the G? Not really that much, although the snippets of information we have been able to source from Engadget are just suggesting a “manufacturing defect.” It seems that both companies, Staples and ViewSonic have been very quiet in giving us any indication of what the problem was or is.

The guys over at Tech have stated that with the G tablet’s arrival just a few weeks ago, customers will be disappointed to hear of no equivalent replacement at this time.

Did you purchase one of these? Can you report of any problems? Let us know below.

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  1. TJ ANderson says:

    I purchased one of these, from Staples online. I've had it for three weeks now, and it was a bit buggy at first. The two software updates that were automatically downloaded from the Viewsonic website, cured most of what I was encountering. I have no idea as to why Staples would be recalling these. My best guess would be that people didn't wait for the software updates and impatiently returned them to Staples frequently enought that Staples became alarmed enough to recall them.

  2. Jim says:

    I have a g tablet I purchased at Sears a week ago. Seems to work fine after you do the update on the tap n tap user interface. Before the update I heard that this tablet was unusable.

  3. Domonique says:

    I am taking my G back today, It gives me a force stop error on anything I do, and the market doesn't work, Flash doesn't work, I was told the some type of update was available today so we will see. My G is at the moment a useless pretty piece of junk, all the while my girl looks on with a smirk on her face cause her ipad is doing what it was built to do, yep it's going back.

  4. Thomas says:

    I purchased one from Amazon last week and had to return it. (Shameless Plug: I <3 U Amazon. Great customer service and they cover return shipping charges.) The "TapNTap" (TNT) UI software is complete and utter poo, and I believe it is the cause of all of the problems I experienced. It force closes from time to time and is horrendously slow, which is ridiculous considering the hardware (NVIDIA Tegra2) is currently the cream of the crop. I have also had the device restart and loose all of it's settings on several occasions. The TNT software disables androids copy/paste ability and entering in a 64 character WPA key is not my idea of a fun afternoon. There are some community ROMS available, but they all appear to be based on the pre-installed ROM and still include some of the TNT stuff. Viewsonic failed to release the kernel source (which they are obliged to do per the GPL) so it is currently impossible to build a ROM without TNT. While I'm sure most could care less about the kernel source, I do as I would like to highly customize my system. (It's laughable that the front of the box states something along the lines of "Experience the freedom of Android") Sorry for the rant, but honestly, until Viewsonic fixes the problems and releases the kernel source I would highly recommend against purchasing a g tablet.

  5. RaAmon says:

    My wife and I own iphones, ipod touches, and i bought my wife an ipad back in july of this year. I bought the G Tablet last week based on desire to experience an android based device especially with its gaining popularity and hoping to have the flash experience. I have an open mind, but I have never worked so hard to try to understand a device. I didn't understand why every YouTube video were very jerky until i hit the little HQ icon that pops up on the top right corner. After trying to find and read anything called a user guide, I had to call tech support just to figure out how to get the usb port to recognize my thumb drives. Other than the Angry Birds game and Pandora Radio, I cant figure out how to get a program to run successfully. Tech support expressed to me that the problems including flash will be addressed in the next update which did not happen yesterday. I hope that other android experiences are better, but I also could not recommend this device yet. ( not blaming the android OS)

  6. Chuck says:

    I purchased one from Sears and the initial Tapntap is indeed junk. I tried updating the home UI with a replacement and caused a restart loop. After days I was able to put it back to the initial UI. Then the upgrade came out and now it has been a ton of fun! The UI still needs significant work, I wish my bluetooth stereo headphones would work and I still need the Flash upgrade and I wish the dock would be released… but all of that will come. I found a Hong Kong sight that makes a dock and a leather case. I'd rather buy from a 'known' company, but I may resort to off-shoring those purchases.

  7. Paul says:

    I purchased my gtablet recently and almost returned it, until I processed an update. now its working pretty well. would really like to see a new dashboard screen/home page. It needs the flash update ASAP for this to be a good device.

  8. Brad says:

    Hi everyone,post don't worry too much about gtab.It just needed a tiny personal touch to kick ipad's butt. Root it with TnT lite 3.0 ,install flash 10.1 and you are on your way..xda forum has 200 pages of info about gtab. I did above 2 steps and I'm not even a geek ( very easy instructions ).

  9. Glenn says:

    By flashing the unit with TnT Lite it becomes an awesome Tablet! Don’t give up on this, the potential hasn’t been tapped yet. Remember it only came to market in October.

  10. ImFooked says:

    I have to say I was impressed "at first", things were working great, I played angry birds for like 2hrs straight…wife finally got the gtab back and did here email settings and a few other things. I decided ooh ooh, I'll get some more Free apps…I downloaded 13 apps. I then proceeded to install each one. The first was some ebook… closed it… the next was liftlight or something named that and after I hit install the TNT came up with SORRY! The application Dashboard Home (process com.tapntap.home) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again… I tried the power + to kernel restore but it still gives this error after the splash screen right after the TapNtap logo disappears… GAHHHH wifes gonna kill me now…. Any ideas… Just got this today at OfficeDepot

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