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Social Media Marketing: Major brand reverses spending

Social Media Marketing: Major brand reverses spending

Here at OSM we like to keep readers informed about the latest social media marketing stories and campaigns and just recently have posted about how sales can be hurt by social media marketing mistakes and another article about the recent Coca-Cola campaign using SCVNGR.

Now it appears that more and more major brands are investing heavily in social media marketing rather than the traditional routes of TV and print. Todd Wasserman over on Mashable reports on major brand Pepto Bismol and how the company has really swung its marketing efforts towards social media.

This well-known Proctor & Gamble brand used to spend between 80 and 90% of its advertising budget on traditional marketing but has completely reversed that and will now spend around the same amount on digital marketing, with only 10 to 20% on traditional routes. Some of the new initiatives include a web video campaign starring Ken ‘The Hangover’ Yeong along with a new Facebook Page and also new Twitter feed.

It certainly looks as though the strategy has worked with Elizabeth Ming, Pepto spokesperson, referring to sales rises calling them, “the best results Pepto has seen in years.” If you want to read more about the Ken Yeong marketing campaign head to RICG which tells more. It seems as though social media marketing is here to stay and we’d like to hear your comments about this so please do send them in.

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