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Palm Tablet: Keyboard accessory leak for “Topaz” device

December 18, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Palm Tablet: Keyboard accessory leak for “Topaz” device

Way back in October we told how an HP Palm OS tablet was rumored to be on its way and then later wrote an article about the tablet war soon getting messy with not only an iPad 2, on the way but also the RIM BlackBerry Playbook and other tablets from HP, Acer and others all due to come out in early 2011.

Now we have news of a leaked keyboard for a Palm tablet device, codenamed “Topaz”, from Nilay Patel over on Engadget. While we really would have liked to have taken a look at some WebOS hardware the Palm Bluetooth keyboard accessory does give us a little information about the upcoming tablet as the keyboard not only has some keys specifically for WebOS but also features a Windows key.

News on the tablet is that it’s a sleek device, as is the keyboard accessory for it, and should be released in the first six months of 2011. Electronista also reports on this keyboard accessory for the Palm tablet and says that the new Palm tablet has sometimes been referred to as the PalmPad and would be similar in design to the Motorola Android tablet.

Are you waiting for a Palm webOS tablet or has your head been swung by one of the other upcoming tablet devices coming soon? We’d be interested to hear your comments on this.

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